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Wózki widłowe - SAW-TRAK

We are pleased to present the field and scope of activity of
SAW-TRAK "Paweł Zdyb Private Company".

We deal with a direct import of TOYOTA forklifts. We strongly recommend you Japanese technology that is reliable and easy to handle. These original products ensure you increased safety and hygiene at work. Their design guarantees optimum ergonomic parameters. TOYOTA forklifts meet two basic market criteria: they lower operational costs and increase work convenience. The forklifts, which are attractive, well-designed and aesthetic, are nowadays a necessity, not a luxury.

The forklifts we offer can be either new or second-hand powered by internal combustion engine. They can vary in terms of load capacity, type, function, and lift height. It should be stressed here that we have in stock the widest range of second-hand forklifts in Poland. The detailed stock list of all the models can be found in the offer updated regularly. Besides, we fulfill orders individually tailored to our customers’ needs. When a customer is waiting for the ordered equipment we can provide him with an equivalent that remains at his disposal till his order is carried out.

The forklifts have become subject to Technical Inspection since 18 August 2003. Therefore, the forklifts we sell have the necessary documentation and certificates issued by the Office of Technical Inspection allowing their exploitation. We offer a warranty for new and second-hand forklifts (12-18 months). We provide professional service of equipment within the warranty period as well as afterwards. We have a well-organized warehouse of spare parts and well qualified staff .

Additionally, thanks to our long experience we can provide service and spare parts for forklifts of such world-famous producers as:


You are welcome to find out what we have in stock.